Certainty through precision

Our unique product ranges

Our Sharpak range of UN certified containers are created for the safe collection and disposal of sharps and clinical waste for hospitals, clinical environments, pharmacists, veterinarians and home use.

Patented VisiLOCK® lid closing technology

Our unique, patented VisiLOCK® lid closing technology is so easy to use, it can be done so even with one hand. An audible click reassures it is securely closed, and when locked, it cannot be re-opened, ensuring the used sharps are securely stored out of harm’s way for easy and safe handling.

Used clinical needles can pose a very real danger, and it’s not where one might assume. Concerning data from the NHS* reveals that it is the ancillary staff – the support workers, the cleaners, those moving the waste bins, who are in the most danger. A needle stick to an unsuspecting person can cause injury, the spread of disease, mental trauma, and costly lawsuits and compensation pay outs. In a four-year period alone, the NHS was forced to pay out over £4m in avoidable needle stick claims.

When safety really matters,
put your trust in Sharpak®

Our industry standard, wet wipe container and lid. The WetPAK tub is uniquely designed with two layers to allow for a combination of recycled and virgin plastics. In doing so, it meets the requirements of the UK government’s single use plastic tax, while providing material certainty of the performance layer for clinical, medical and food-grade usage.

WetPAK - our industry standard, wet wipe container and lid.

Our range of jerry cans for industrial and leisure use. With a long-standing, manufacturing heritage of 40 years, our range is sold throughout the UK and the Netherlands. As manufacturing re-shores to Europe and the cost of shipping these bulky items has significantly increased, the opportunities for this quality product have now become available to a wider customer base.

JerryPAK - our range of jerry cans for industrial and leisure use.

Our range of dropper plugs. Available in over 1,500 sizing options, there is certain to be one to suit any bottle neck size. Our exacting standards allow for precise delivery of liquids and can be safely used for any liquid from vinegar to perfumes and cosmetics.

DropPAK - our range of dropper plugs, available in over 1,500 sizing options